Zonta Club of Berry Inc Chartered 2001

Address           P.0 Box 302 Berry NSW 2535

Located          On the beautiful south coast of New South Wales

Meets               4th Tuesday for dinner at the Coach House, Berry Hotel

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The club in action


We build awareness for Zonta’s Mission and Vision within the club and the community through:

  • A major International Women’s Day breakfast featuring speakers who inspire and demonstrate leadership in their roles
  • Activities to build awareness of Domestic Violence issues throughout the 16 Days of Activism
  • Participation in community events and parades
  • Engaging and educational speakers at our meetings
  • Incorporating awareness campaigns, and engaging the community in our fundraising and service events.


We have a strong suite of fundraising events that continue to grow and enable us to provide essential services in the community.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • International Women’s Day Breakfast
  • Pre-Loved Clothing Sale
  • Trivia Night.

Our services include:

  • Supporting women exiting the local women’s refuge through supply of resettlement baskets
  • Making breast cushions and drainage bag holders, which are donated to local hospital to assist patients who have recently undergone breast surgery
  • Assembling Birthing Kits to enable women in developing countries to experience clean childbirth
  • Providing financial assistance to students in local high schools
  • Donating to various international projects focused on improving education or health in developing countries.


Our membership is drawn from a wide area of the South Coast, and a wide range of experience.  We enjoy our monthly social gathering prior to our general meeting, plus the opportunities we have to work together in our campaigns, events and service delivery.  Members of the club are welcome to join the Zonta Choir, and there are opportunities for occasional social gatherings.

Would you like to know more?

You are most welcome to attend a meeting or event. This is a great way to find out more about Zonta (locally and internationally). Email us at the above email address or message us via our Facebook page for details of upcoming meetings or functions. One of our members will be on hand to meet you and introduce you around.


How can you help?

Let us count the ways! You can help us by:

  • supporting our fundraising events,
  • contributing prizes for our fundraising raffles, or
  • making donations to support any of our projects.

And of course, ideas are always particularly welcome. Perhaps you have an idea for a project or an award that we could make? Drop us an email and let us know what needs you see in our community

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