D24 District Meetings

District Conferences

Every Zonta district holds a conference in the odd numbered years. (The Zonta International Convention is held in the even numbered years.)

2015 Zonta District 24 Conference, Orange, NSW

A very successful District Conference was held 2-4 October.

Transcript of proceedings of 2015 D24 Conference.

2013 Zonta District 24 Conference, Terrigal, NSW

Proceedings of 2013 D24 Conference

 Annual General Meetings

Zonta District 24 Inc holds an annual general meeting every year. In the odd numbered years the AGM is held as part of the District Conference.

Minutes of 2015 AGM of D24 Inc

Minutes & financials 2014 AGM of D24 Inc

Minutes of 2013 AGM of D24 Inc

Area Meetings

Each Area in every Zonta District holds an Area Meeting annually.


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