Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women Campaign

25 November to 10th December

Our  campaign is part of a global campaign to address gender inequalities and to end violence against women and girls. The colour orange symbolises this campaign.

In Australia violence against women is a very real problem. This year to date 36 women across Australia have been killed as a result of violence perpetrated against them (figure taken from Destroy the Joint website).

The figures for domestic violence assaults are also staggering. Police feed their raw data into the NSW Bureau of Crime, Statistics and Research. Last year their figures show there were 21,000 plus assaults committed against women in NSW alone.

Consider the following facts:-

* Domestic Violence (DV) incidents are the major reason for police call outs

* It is the most under reported crime

* DV is the main driver of homelessness for women and children

* It happens at a greater rate in indigenous communities

* Women living in remote and regional NSW are at  greater risk because of lack of close accessible refuges and access to weapons especially guns

* Family pets are at risk in a DV situation

DV is a crime that costs our society so much: it leads to suicide, depression and other mental illnesses in women, it affects children in trauma, and learning and behavioural problems, it puts pressure on our health systems, it puts pressure on our police, it leads to homelessness among women and children and puts pressure on our judicial system. It is a whole of society problem.

We realise it can happen to men too. But it is in much, much lesser numbers.

We must continue to raise awareness of the extent of the problem and to bring this crime out of the shadows. Much has been done but so much more remains to be done.

Fundraising Campaign

To create awareness and support UN projects committed to this cause Zonta District 24 is holding a Raffle and Auction. Click on the following link to donate and show your support.


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Margaret McDonald / ZontaSaysNo Coordinator/District 24 Advocacy Team zontasaysno@zontadistrict24.org