KWOOP Project


Women who are or have been incarcerated represent one of the most marginalized groups in our community. They are disproportionately affected by homelessness, violence, mental illness, poverty, and substance abuse. Research also shows that women who are or have been in prison are more likely to have experienced physical, emotional and sexual violence than women in the broader community. 



The aim of the KWOOP project is to enable clubs to adopt service or advocacy projects which are intended to empower women and girls affected by the criminal justice system. This is done through partnership with not for profit organisations that provide support to women’s and girls in the criminal justice system.   The overall aim of the clubs projects or service activities should be to enable women and girls affected or at risk of the criminal justice system live free from violence and discrimination, have adequate living standards, be treated with dignity and respect and are empowered to secure and preserve their individual rights.

Projects and Activities

The projects and activities conducted by the clubs can range from fundraising activities to provision of goods, equipment and resources. Clubs can also participate in advocacy activities designed to raise awareness of the issues facing women and girls impacted by the criminal justice system.

Participating Organisations

The main peak organisation is the KWOOP Coalition that is a sub-fund of the Sydney Community Foundation. Its purpose is to influence NSW systems, policy and practice in order to reduce the number of women in prison and to minimise the impacts on their families and children. Clubs can support KWOOP directly through donations, or one or more of the following partner organisations.

Community Restorative Centre (CRC) throughThe Miranda Project-The Miranda Project is an innovative, gender specific program working with women at risk of both domestic violence and criminal justice system involvement.

Dress for Success Sydney through Success Works  A charity providing, free of charge, professional clothing, a network of support, coaching and career development tools to help women achieve self-sufficiency.

Women’s Justice Network –  Is a not for profit organisation that aims to empower women affected by the criminal justice system through advocacy and mentoring.

Kathleen York House  Is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation service for women who are working to overcome substance dependence problems

Deadly Connections –Is a Aboriginal Community Led, Not For Profit Organisation that breaks the cycles of disadvantage and trauma to directly address the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the child protection and justice system/s.

While some of these organisations are located in Sydney. It is recommended clubs in regional areas contact KWOOP to find out the relevant partner organisation in their region.