Taylah Iverach is a proud young woman of the Dunghutti Nation, who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and service both within her school and the wider community. In 2023 Taylah was elected by her peers as School Captain.

The Principal of Melville High School has described Taylah as a bright, enthusiastic, hardworking student who has received a variety of school-based awards.While maintaining an extremely high work ethic Taylah has found time for involvement in her local community including teaching dance to younger children while also coaching Junior netball.

Taylah connects deeply to her Indigenous heritage through her involvement with family. By sitting and listening to her elders she has connected to her ancestors and the Dunghutti language and song lines. She has been involved in the compilation of a Dunghutti Dictionary which was launched recently. Taylah has also spoken in language at opening ceremonies and functions in the community.

Taylah has a clear vision of her career goal of studying medicine and to eventually work in health and community development programs in regional NSW. And because of her excellent HSC results, Taylah has been accepted into the Doctor of Medicine Degree.